The 1 Month Project

My first "school year" after college I set about to continue my education on my own terms. I chose a variety of topics I was interested in learning more about, and aimed to spend one month focusing on each. The project was inspired by Matt Cutts' Ted Talk.

While I didn't always stick to my schedule, the year proved quite an enlightening experience for me. I remembered what it was like to teach myself, to learn for something beyond a grade point average, and (perhaps best of all) I gained a handful of new hobbies while feeling comfortable setting others on the shelf for good.

Click on a month/topic to read more!

  Sept: Makeup & Face-paint
  Oct: Dance (Ballet and/or Swing)
  Nov: Sewing and/or Knitting
  Dec: Running
  Jan: Film Acting & Editing
  Feb: Business, Money Management & Finances
  Mar: Yoga
  Apr: Truth, Fear & Self-Awareness
  May: Thrift Shopping
  June: French Language Project Check-In
  July: Photography
  Aug: Minimalism

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