October A

Well well well... Looking at this week's inspirsession makes me realize why I've been feeling so weird lately -- I'm on sensory overload around here! I can't choose where to put my energy these days -- I'm still totally turned on by London fashion (sweaters and boots are finally starting to come round, what with the weather leveling out to normal October temperatures after a horrible heatwave), I'm aching to watch my favorite Halloween and Christmas movies (I figure since there's no Thanksgiving over here to divide them, the two holidays can happily mix in my heart, like it was always supposed to be), and with with my bookbag quite literally bursting at the seams with all the literature I'm expected to ingest (and mull over in unique and carefully crafted essays...), my brain's starting to mingle Humbert Humbert with King Henry and droogs with Danes. For some reason Roald Dhal's reentered my subconscious and planted a ceaseless lust for chocolate of all kinds -- namely Cadbury, since that's the most attainable around here. Studies aren't likely to allow for much shopping any time soon, but Mom was nice enough to find me a pair of boots similar to these ones, so I have a Christmas present to look forward to! Speaking of Christmas, I'm already making a list of the books that I won't be able to take back with me, but simply must have for my personally annotated library. Lolita's at the top of the list right now, but there's also a excellent volume of Shakespeare essays I'd like to find, Franny and Zooey (if only just for the Fat Lady section!!), A Clockwork Orange, and the new version of Arden's Hamlet. Though, come to think of it, I already have 4 other versions...

Also, Happy Fall! I need to pop into a cafe soon and get something pumpkin-y.

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