Around-the-City Extras

Just some other photos from around the city which I forgot to upload, like, six weeks ago... These were from a trek around south London, near the Thames and Fleet Street. Enjoy!

First, Saint Paul's Cathedral, which (if you don't have this movie as forever preserved in your memory as I do) you might recall from this song.


Also to be found in this area was Twining's tea shop

and this building I don't know the name of but which is pretty spectacular anyway:

 Cross the Millennium Bridge (beware Death Eaters!!)...

Pause to take picture at this super cool ball thing


The Globe!

And finally a walk through the incredible Borough Market:

Most stands here weren't keen on photography, so I didn't get to document the incredible array of goodies to be had. I'm trying to keep the Harry Potter analogies to a minimum, but this was legitimately magical. Why J.K. Rowling ever even felt the need to invent a Wizarding World when places like this exist right in London is beyond me!

Sangria, jam-filled doghnuts, hazelnut cake, 100 kinds of beer, cheeses galore, gluten-free authentic German sausages, bread bread bread, full legs of ham, truffle honey, traditional pork pies, rock oysters, quail eggs, goats milk ice cream, champagne, ginger treacle fudge... It's a good thing I had no place to store this stuff at the time, or I would've come back a gourmet destitute.

That was that day. I recall looping all the way around by the London Eye, Big Ben, Saint Madeline's Church, and Victoria Station after this, but my camera must've run out of battery, cause I have no pictures to show for it. I'm sure these are enough.

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