December Update

Good news on the knitting front! I finally finished my socks!



As you might be able to tell from the pictures, the first one (on the top and on the right) ended up being a little short. The second was, of course, the better of the two. It's at least an inch and a half longer than the first.

Irregardless, I'm proud of my miniature triumph, and feeling very toasty!


On Knitting...
   *With other knitting nerds: it's inspiring and it feels something like having tea with a bunch of wonderful old women.
   *A (far more experienced) knitting friend of mine pointed out: "When I realize I have two extra hours to knit, I get so excited." That's exactly how I'm starting to feel!
   *Always write down your # of stitches. You will never remember the amount.
   *It invites a tremendous opportunity to brood on just about any subject. Between stitches your thoughts are racing toward impending doom and present concerns: "Knit one, purl one -- What is my life?? -- over, under, over, under -- Will I ever succeed at anything? -- Purl one, knit one, purl one -- If only this could be my job..."

On Running...
   *In the dark: it's more fun, less intimidating, easier on the breath.
   *Beneath Christmas lights: it's beautiful and also more fun.
   *To a place you get to shop or look at books: it's a goal that's so much more satisfying than "I almost suffocated myself with my own strength! YUHS!"
   *I still hate the idea of it before I get out there. I'm afraid I always will.

I've started editing some film footage for a media company; getting a head start on January's project! Honestly, I worried that video editing would feel like work if it wasn't my own project, but I really had a lot of fun with my first assignment. There's something strangely absorbing and satisfying about working out a precise audio match or fade-in.

In other news, our Christmas show opened in Seattle Center this past Friday! We had an excellent opening night audience and a beautiful reception afterward. I get really excited whenever I step outside after the shows, because the fairy lights are all over the trees and The PNB Nutcracker is just about letting out... It's the only time I'd ever call living in Seattle "magical."

Annnnnnnnd, even though I'm without my original Jo and Meg this year (not to mention Laurie), it's just about time to pop this favorite into the DVD player:

Seriously, just hearing that Orchard House theme gives
bittersweet nostalgia goosepimples.

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