Throwback Thursday: Harem Scarem

Every once in a while, I sort through old photos and uncover some fashion show gems. In the days before I'd even heard of fashion blogging, I still loved to create quirky outfits -- largely as a result of my Pretty in Pink obsession.

Today's memory lane catwalk features a pair of white harem pants which I'm willing to bet belonged to my mom in the 80s. I "rescued" these guys from our childhood dress-up bin somewhere around senior year of high school, and I thought they were a yuppie dream. They look like something you should wear yachting. Since they're white and I could never quite gauge their sheerness, I never ventured to wear them in public, but this summer I might just try to hunt them down again.

The vintage ankle strap platforms belonged to my grandmother. They look severe, but they're surprisingly comfortable, and their vintage lines are unbeatably sexy. If these didn't hold such sentimental value, I'd wear them out every chance I got!

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