Winter Playlist 2016

Whew, I have been neglecting this blog, and I'm sorry to say I hardly have an excuse for it -- except that we've been moving into our new apartment! So every spare atom of my personal mind-energy has been directed toward house furnishings. Arguments lately have centered around laundry hampers. Nightmares have involved swirling desks and complementary chairs. Reality has been a wash of questions and shrugs, considerations and dreams. I told myself I'd be zen about this, that I would breathe into each decision with the gentle contemplation of a curator. But when you find yourself agonizing over the pros and cons of various wicker basket storage bins, you realize that somewhere in the process that intention flew out the window.

Luckily I've had music to see me through this whole process, and I'm so excited to have found yet another season's gold mine of good stuff! I have to hand it to Spotify for opening me to the world of new music; I'll always love my oldies-but-goodies, but I'm pretty sure my license to recycle favorite Beatles songs into these playlists was fast approaching expiration.

As this set goes down a bit easier than my typical boppy pop-happy reserves, I'll be listening curled up in the company of my latest comfort-picks: lavender chocolate chip cookies, a cup of earl gray tea, and a Pendleton wool blanket. Listen below, and enjoy.

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