September E

Am currently on a Luna craze, what with finding out I've been sorted into Ravenclaw, which also may explain my fascination with the color blue -- a color I normally think is overrated. Electric blue and lime green -- can't go wrong with those! I'm craving Dagoba chocolate and cupcakes (hooray for carbs!) and I want to start knitting again soon. I'm also on quite a British kick right now, and I'm desperately in want of some killer boots!


September D

A strange array of current inspirsessions.... First, I need a new pair of Converse low tops and can't decide which color to get. Secondly, I saw Julie and Julia last week and haven't stopped an obsession with food and cooking it since. I have a particular fascination with omelets now that I've made one of my own -- straight out of the cookbook, into the frying pan with no messing up on my part!!! Dorm room cooking will probably prove difficult with limited kitchen space, but look forward to more food inspirsessions in the future! Speaking of dorms, I'm now back to college in my circa 1935 dorm, feeling very spooky with the idea of its being haunted and such... The whole thing has started a 30s influence in my wardrobe. Kind of.


September C

Quite colorful for a fall wardrobe, but I guess I'm subconciously celebrating the last days of my summer, due to start college again next week. I've gotten re-obsessed with Hair, having just received the soundtrack from Amazon. I also just cut my hair again, and aim to make it look like Reese Witherspoon, who I love. Because of a movie made with G, Annette and her 60s wardrobe (hence the dress) have become a new inspiration, and I can't WAIT to wear my skinny jeans again. I especially like this colorful pair, but I'm sure they'd make my thighs look huge.


September B

Hitting the back-to-school mode with two weeks until college starts again, I'm strung out on jeans, flannels, and this incredible Michael-Jackson inspired military jacket hitting racks across the fashion industry. I'm excited to go back to the university and start my acting class (hence the comedy/tragedy mask upstage right) and have gotten back into creative writing mode with inspiration from The Dead Zone. I love reading Stephen King in the fall. It makes me feel at home.


Inspirsession: Semptember A

September A
September A by LGPQ featuring Dr.martens boots

In an 80s mood right now, what with the death of John Hughes and my basic personality. I'd really like a pair of boots soon, especially these wild Docs. 500 Days of Summer has gotten The Smiths at the top of my playlist and I can't keep my hands off my knitting needles.