My First Capsule Wardrobe: Introduction

While I'll always be a fan of revamping my style, I have long been in pursuit of the "perfect" wardrobe. I do enjoy shopping, but I'm not nuts about mindless consumerism, and I always feel guilty throwing away clothing that I didn't get much use out of. That's why creating a capsule wardrobe, or a selection of essential pieces garnered for maximum versatility, sounded like the perfect fix for me.

Most of us face one of three problems when it comes to our closet:

1) THE RUBIX CUBE - We have a decent collection of clothing, but there is no consistent style or color palette to lend itself to maximum outfit creation.
Likely causes: shopaholism, trend addiction, Jekylll/Hyde personality.

2) THE CLING-ON - We're holding onto clothes that we don't really love; either we've outgrown their style or fit, or they never really suited us in the first place.*
Likely causes: weight gain/loss, pregnancy, being Tom Hanks in Big.

3) THE CH-CH-CH-CHANGES - We have a closet of clothing that isn't suitable to our current lifestyle.
Likely causes: college graduation, moving cities and/or changing jobs, Time Travel.

Me? I definitely struggle with Rubix Cube syndrome. My style and sense of self seem to be constantly evolving. I'm always concerned that I'll get bored if forced to focus on just one aspect of my personality. To my surprise and delight, however, limiting myself to a few carefully selected items has not only simplified my everyday dressing decisions, it's also helping me clarify my sense of style.

To get started, I took inspiration and instruction from Un-Fancy (a blog discovery from earlier this summer.) Some folks have criticized Caroline's wardrobe as not representing a truly minimalist approach, but while 37 pieces may seem extravagant to some, it's a great start for those us with overstuffed drawers -- or a fear of monotony!

While Caroline's style is neutral-based with an urban, sporty-chic vibe, I tend toward a more colorful, classic, and clean-cut look -- with an edge of eccentricity to jazz things up. My goal for this project was to figure out how to maintain those quirky, colorful undertones (which mirror my ridiculous, whimsical sense of humor) while still projecting an air of professionalism and practicality.

This week, I'll be sharing the results of my 40-day adventure through Capsule Wardrobe Land in a series of outfit photos organized by daily purpose. Advice will be offered, frustrations will be revealed, and you might just find yourself creating your own capsule wardrobe by week's end... Buckle up, my pumpkins!


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to this! Bring on the goods :)

  2. I definitely suffer from Jekyll/Hyde and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...Also - I have so many great (designer) pieces in my closet that were handed down to me by my sister that just don't look good on me or are ill-fitting...and I just don't know what to do with them! Sentimental-much!?

    1. That's tricky, Kristin! Especially when you're well-aware of their monetary worth as well!

      With your sister's permission, maybe you could offer to sell or consign some of the unusable items and split the earnings? I've also heard that investing in a good tailor is well worth the price, especially for well-made investment pieces. If you go that route, definitely report back with your findings! I've been considering taking some of my jackets in for a while now.