Pack Rat

The time has come!
The moment has arrived!
I can pack without feeling completely ridiculous!

If there's one thing I know about myself and packing, it's that I quite literally have to set aside an entire day to do it. This is due to the fact that when I go through my things, I like them to be "just so" (even if "just so" = totally, unreasonably messy -- though that is not often the case) AND because I become terribly sidetracked.

This is of course, for better or worse.

The for-better part includes DIY projects with old throw-aways, like this headband I made from a the lace top of some old Vic Sec panties:

also possibly a strange role-play accessory? haha, sorry...

and these luggage tags from old gift cards:

The for-worse part? Well...

making fun of hipsters:

what i wore to bed.
plus 3 accessories: Insta-hipster!

and pretending I'm Oliver Twist, I guess.

But in the end it all came together. I managed to reign my focus enough to stuff everything into my two bags -- one 40 lb You-talkin'-ta-ME?! suitcase and one slightly-more-than-modest-sized backpack, weighing almost 20 lbs. Yipes! It's going to be one hell of a journey between here and school two months from now, but this is what travel's all about right? Regretting how much you packed... hoping you'll magically learn to make things levitate...

I'm sure going to miss things here in my gloomy come-to-be-known-as home. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to all my friends. I tried to treat it like I'd be seeing them day after next, but the tight hugs said differently.

Every once in a while I look around my room and think "all this stuff is going to be gone tomorrow, and then I'm going to be gone, and I'm not going to be back for 5 whole months." What?! Like, how did this happen? Part of me is thrilled that my dream since about age 11 is finally coming true. Another part of me is in total shock from the fact that it actually could happen -- that in mere days I will be stepping foot on British ground.

Lord, I hope they like me.

Also, found this:

London, '08

What a full-of-dreams babyface!
Whatever happens, I owe it to her to have the time of my life on this return-adventure. 

"I hear that train a-comin'... it's rollin' round the bend..."

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