August A

It's been a little crazy here -- the discombobulation of this week's inspirsession reflects quite accurately my recent state of mind. Edinburgh is one hopping place during the Fringe Festival, and it's been a little hard to distinguish the city's authentic fashions from the foreign imposters'! Just kidding, of course. It's created a delightful patchwork for my curious brain.
I'm dying to get my boots and my converse back again. Since I left both in Spokes I've been without for over a month now (gasp!) This time around I'd like some brown boots like the ones pictured here, and I'm going to find some really great socks in my limited color palette to make them pop. Katherine Hepburn's high-waisted trousers are coming back into style with a tour de force across Europe -- even my friend from the States picked some up on the East Coast before arriving here. I'm not sure if I could pull them off, but I'd sure love to try! I've been eating and drinking (tea, that is!) across Scotland, happily chomping crumpets whenever the opportunity arises. I'm going to be as plump as this little bird come Christmas -- he's both a color inspiration and a memento, but not anything I've been seeing lately: That bird lives somewhere far warmer than here. There's also been quite a bit of talk of infinity, art, and world-changing going on round the flat; hence the Celtic knot.

Mittens, scarves, umbrellas, and warm tights! Mmmm, it's like swapping my least favorite season for my favorite one, with the occasional bout of sun just to mix things up. Thanks, Scotland!!

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