Last Days in Edinburgh

Well, the first part of my journey is coming to a close at last... The past few days have been wonderful, apart from a head cold and sore throat that left me feeling pretty tired and irritable for a couple days. Didn't stop me from saying so long to my new city-friend, though. In all the best ways...

1. Having haggis (again) with Mom and Dad

I couldn't resist showing my parents The Haggis and Whiskey Shop when they arrived -- it was too delicious! And after I realized that I wasn't eating sheep's meat at all, but just their organs (heart, kidney, etc.) I somehow didn't feel as bad. (There's not an ounce of humanity or logic in that, I know.) I guess I figured so long as I was eating something pretty badass, I could live with injesting my brethren. When in Scotland... Dad ordered a really delicous prawn plate, and we finished off the meal with some mushroom/red wine pate and calimari. That last item was an all too delicious reminder that I didn't try enough seafood while here. Next time!

I think the 'rents have liked Edinburgh as much as I have. It was fun reliving my own introduction to the city. Some things were awfully familiar...

Like mother, like daughter, as they say.

2. 'Pretending Christmas' in August
Photos courtesy of Shawn.

Yesterday it was cold enough to be!! I've really gotta buy some quality sweaters when I hit London...

3. Finding Tom Riddle's house! Sort of...

There've been a lot of other HP-esque things I've noticed around Edinburgh, some of which I've actually wondered didn't inspire JKR in her composition. We saw the National Gallery (awesome -- I could've stayed in there for 2 more hours. I'm so excited the museums in London will be free as well) and the way the portraits were hung up, packed closely in a collage-y style and all in gold frames, reminded me of Sir Cadogan and co., at least the way they're featured in the movies. The two graveyards on either side of the castle are just as creepy as I imagined in The Goblet of Fire, and I've already mentioned "the Fleur" at The Elephant House. And speaking of Fleur...

4. Having Bouillabaisse

Mlle. Fleur Delacour, s'il vous plait!

Bouillabaisse, in case you don't remember from the feast scene in "Beauxbatons and Durmstrang" (or perhaps the chapter afterwards) is a delicious fish stew served in a tomato-base sauce with shellfish. Nummy.

5. Having Fudge
"We don't normally do this..." Mom says.

6. Having Cake (and eating it too...)

It was Mark's birthday on the 27th, and a couple of our roommates made a very sweet (cute-sweet and sugary-sweet) cake -- much reminiscent of Hagrid's birthday dessert after it melted a bit in the fridge. After cake we went out to Finnegan's Wake where we danced to a live band (who played "Brown Eyed Girl"!) and on the way we managed to catch the last of the Military Tattoo fanfare -- all the remaining fireworks were lit off (we all went crazy, having the best view from Prince's Street) and the pipers passed by right as we entered the Royal Mile.

7. Having a cuppa at Eteaket

I finally got some pictures of this too-cute tea shop:

8. Seeing one last show

The Animals and Children Took to the Street blended some quirky animation (projected on a 3-wall background, to great effect), character acting, and singing. I really want to take this style and bring to life something like Roald Dahl's Matilda. It would be great for a show aimed at kids. Some slow pacing at moments, but overall, a triumph in blending classic elements with modern technology. 4 stars.


I've really enjoyed this funky, comfy, and oftentimes zany little city. I'll miss the yeasty smell of the streets, the quiet air of the evening, and curling up in my sweaters with tea during those icy mornings before class. It's going to be gettin' hot in hurr for a while -- I believe we're heading into 80 degree weather in France -- and my pasty Scottish skin isn't gonna know what hit it.

For now, thanks, Fringe Fest. You've made this drama nerd very happy!

 For Auld Lang Syne, as they say.

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