INFJ, or, Me in a Nutshell

INFJ -  "Author". Strong drive and  enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.
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creative, smart, focus on fantasy more than reality, attracted to sad things, fears doing the wrong thing, observer, avoidant, fears drawing attention to self, anxious, cautious, somewhat easily frightened, easily offended, private, easily hurt, socially uncomfortable, emotionally moody, does not like to be looked at, fearful, perfectionist, can sabotage self, can be wounded at the core, values solitude, guarded, does not like crowds, organized, second guesses self, more likely to support marijuana legalization, focuses on peoples hidden motives, prone to crying, not competitive, prone to feelings of loneliness, not spontaneous, prone to sadness, longs for a stabilizing relationship, fears rejection in relationships, frequently worried, can feel victimized, prone to intimidation, lower energy, strict with self

favored careers:

psychotherapist, artist, art curator, bookstore owner, freelance writer, poet, teacher (art, drama, english), library assistant, professor of english, painter, novelist, book editor, copywriter, philosopher, environmentalist, bookseller, museum curator, opera singer, magazine editor, archivist, music therapist, screenwriter, film director, creative director, librarian, social services worker, art historian, sign language interpreter, photo journalist, makeup artist, homemaker

disfavored careers:

airline pilot, race car driver, businessman, information technology consultant, executive, administrator, supervisor, bartender, lab technician, restaurant owner, strategist, ceo, bar owner, marketing specialist, business consultant

Much to the discomfort and disapproval of my professor, here is my Jung-based Myers-Briggs personality test. I love this. I've been taking them since I was 14 and I've always gotten the same result: INFJ. Since I mostly agree with the outcome, it's a nice personal portrait to display to the world. Call me a structuralist.
If you take it, let me know what you get. It interests me. If it interests you -- any of you -- tell me. It'd be nice to know one other person in the world believes what I believe.

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