In Two Shakes

What with Halloween coming soon I've been Stumbling "costume ideas" for inspiration. It hasn't yielded much help. The only stuff that comes up is that awful pre-fab skank affair ("Why not this year be a slutty turkey?")

I did, however, come across a slideshow of some really creep-you-out vintage Halloween shots. One of them stuck out to me in particular. This group, who honestly look like something out of a Donnie Darko-induced nightmare:

As if the dude with the beard and that (WTH) guy with the HUGE eyes front and center weren't creepy enough (there also seems to be a Prospero/Gandalf guy, possibly a member of the KK, a Hagrid pirate, and an awfully questionable cowboy here...) they had to add these guys:

Seriously, WHAT are those twin creepo-lambs doing in there? Trying to blend in to an alternative holiday to dodge Easter slaughter? They freak me out, but a weird part of me also finds them oddly endearing. I like that they seem to be made out of sheets. They're kind of lamby-ghosts.

So I did some research to create my own version.




It's kind of inevitable that people would turn this animal into all kinds of crazy; sheep are super weird. I guess that makes it all too appropriate that my name links me to them. 

I took a trip to Primark today and searched all things lamb. I've bought two white pillowcases, one of which I'll wear as a dress a la Dobby, the other I'm going to cinch some ears into, Sharpie, and wear over my head.

Then I found these amazing slipper/boot things -- they're white and super fuzzy. I kind of just bought them cause I wanted to snuggle up in them, but I think they'll make some great paws. I was looking around for white leggings, but then found these black stockings that turn cream somewhere mid thigh -- the perfect sheep leg. So all this is soon to become my Creep Sheep Halloween costume, plus or minus a few cotton balls.

It may be my most creative since Punk Cat. Or Professor Bozo. Or the Horse from the Dead. I've always loved Halloween.

The rest of my day was pretty bomb. This is the extent of it:

Halloween + favorite clothes, old and new + package + letter = HAPPY.

Why Moms rock.

The extent of last weekend.


10/28 update:
Making progress...

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