November D

Hokay. So it's Thanksgiving, and even though I've never been a huge fan of the holiday per sae, I sure miss my fam this year. I realized recently that is the second year in a row I'll be spending my Thanksgiving Day away from home -- last year I had to stay in Seattle for Eurydice. Anyway, I "celebrated" today by turning in two essays and completing another one. That means I'm that much closer to completing my before-home to-do list, so I don't feel too down about it.

Anyway, I took a break and made a new inspirsession:

For some reason lately I've been wanting to wear a lot of black. Maybe that's London rubbing off on me or just my constant desire to be sharper/more professional than I actually am. Either way, it isn't going anywhere fast because I seem to have left most of my black stuff at home. Probably so I wouldn't wear only black. There you go. Anyway, I've been really enjoying my high-waisted brown skinnies from H&M, and I think I want to get a black pair when I'm home. (Imagine! Pants that actually leave room for a butt! You wouldn't believe how many years I've been lamenting the hipster jean issue of having all that extra waist fabric hanging out at the back, crack lines and all that jazz. It's not pretty if you have any junk in the trunk. But I desist.) I also want to cozy up in sweaters -- if anyone's reading this and desiring to get me something for Christmas (or my birthday!), a sweater would be rad. I'm not really picky. Especially if it's soft. Or hand-knitted with a big "R" on it, like a Weasley sweater. Or a Cosby sweater ("A COOOOOSSSSSBY SWEATAHR!!!" -- Name the movie?)

I've been listening to a lot of Billy Bragg, and by a lot of him I mean the one song I own of his on my iTunes "Way Over Yonder (In the Minor Key)." It's super rad and I suggest you check it out. Anyway, he's hanging out in sweaterville there. Below him, you'll see my London Christmas fixation, which has become a conglomeration of Dickens, mince-pies, Cadbury treasure tins (I'm so sad we don't have these in the States! They're delicious. I'm going to try and tote one home if I have room.) December's going to bring skating rinks, a big tree in Trafalgar square, and (hopefully) some snow, so there's excitement yet to come.

This is, of course all set against a wintery Spokane, which I dearly miss and cannot wait to see again when it's all white-covered (or not) next month. Strangely, the lilac color of the sky is the exact shade that's been creeping into my consciousness lately -- probably cause I just bought a pen in that color. It's been calming me down -- my heart's been racing furiously what with all the upcoming excitement. Yesterday I couldn't even get to sleep thinking of how close I am to coming home. I sort of feel guilty about being so excited, when London's treated me so well, but I can't help it! And, of course, amidst this all, are the lovely red roses I've had the good fortunate of waking up to throughout the past week. :)

Happy Thanksgiving! I sure feel thankful for a hell of a lot, and I imagine I'll have a renewed sense of thanks for my lovely home and the people in it very shortly.

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