This Christmas, I just want my family back

When I was little I used to watch Home Alone and dream about how wonderful it would be to accidentally go to New York -- hopefully missing some school along the way and generally getting to plan my own vacation. Well, I had my own vacation when I went to London, and I did love that, but now that I'm experiencing what not being away from my family this close to Christmas is like, I'm understanding the end-of-Home-Alone message a lot more clearly. It SUCKS not being close to your family this time of year, especially when shootings are happening in elementary schools and people are warning you about the end of the world. All you want to do is hug the people who share your genes, and feel prepared to die having done so.

Okay, I'm being a little dramatic. But honestly, as I see photos on Facebook of my brothers at Christmas parties and am told our dog looks thin and hear about present wrapping and forbid myself from seeing The Hobbit with friends here and make to-do list after to-do list in a fruitless effort to make time pass more quickly, I realize this: there really is no place like home...for the holidays.

And I have the best family in the whole wide world.

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