Since my last post didn't include any kind of update on this month's goal, I figured I ought to fire off a quick update for those still interested.

This month was film acting and editing.

I haven't been doing much editing at all, but I'm okay with that. It's given me more time to seek out auditions. Yes, I have managed to audition for a couple of short films (at laaaaaaaaaasst!) One of them, I was delightfully surprised to find, came through, and we start filming for that in February. So, as is becoming a standard with these inspirsessions, this month's will carry into the next.

And speaking of carry-over, I've found that I have little time for knitting anymore, but a lot more energy for running! I'm still having trouble keeping consistent with a schedule, but I've found a new love: running in the morning. I have a great roommate who's made sure I'm out of bed at 6am, ready to hit the road, when everything's still and dark. I've gotta say: it's the most I've ever enjoyed running off a treadmill.

Have you ever noticed how many Dustin Hoffman movies feature him running someplace?
Unfortunately that tradition lasted all of 2 days. For the first time, my knee started actually hurting me after I ran. I'm taking this as a sign that I need new running shoes, but if any of you out there have tips, I'd love to hear them! For now, I'm taking it slow, running every other morning (okay, okay, every 2nd or 3rd morning as of late...) and marveling in the blissful period of stillness (and SUNSHINE!) that graces the streets of residential Seattle in these early hours.

What else? I've been baking/brunching a bit, bouldering a bit (loving that too! I've never worked my arms so easily!), and am finally seeing my friends more consistently. I'm also learning to budget with the wonder that is Mint.com.* I've fallen back into my 80s music habit, and it's all because of Baltimoria:

                                                   Seriously, just try not to get this stuck in your head.

Work is work and money is tight and beer has never looked more beautiful at the end of a hard day, but I'm hanging in there with the rest of you and the best of you, listening to George Harrison, taking my lunch break slow...breathing...being...

*If you haven't given this a whirl, I highly recommend getting on board! Whether you're working off student loans or just trying to limit your restaurant visits month-to-month (That'd be this girl.) -- it's a marvelous tool!

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