Marching Forward

Okay, so my Febspirsession was a bit of a flop. That accounts for half the reason why my posts stopped. The other half was that basically everyone's birthday is in February (including my own), and much of my free time went toward seeing friends, buying drinks, and eating cake. Not a bad way to spend the month, but not the most thrifty either. Needless to say, I didn't learn a lot about finance. That will have to wait for another time.

I'm starting afresh this month, though. It's only the 9th, and I can already count 6 times I've exercised, including 2 at-home yoga videos (thanks to my buddy Hannah for the idea of scouring YouTube for these!), 1 Insanity relapse day, 2 neighborhood jogs, and 1 yoga class at Seattle Bouldering Project with my two rocker buddies, M and D. I can't pretend any of these work outs have been particularly strenuous (though I was sore for a solid 48 hours after trying Insanity again...), but I've been riding high on the mental relaxation. I'm going to try and jot down some notes after each exercise so I have evidence that it improves my mood. I think having the proof will remind me how important it is to make time for my body.

So, from what I remember:

Yoga Vid #1: Felt accomplished afterward. Enjoyed the video's reminder to love the bodies we're given.
Insanity Workout: Had trouble accepting that I was not as in shape as this summer, when I did these videos regularly. Still had to remind myself it was okay to take rests. Had less cravings for unhealthy substances.
Jog #1: Knee started hurting halfway through. Tried to take it easy. Thought a lot about writing. Enjoyed my music.
Jog #2: Left the iPod at home -- was forced to focus on my breath, which was good for me, but did feel uncomfortable at first. Knee acted up again, so I walked the second half. Took a trip through the graveyard. Got a little lost on the way. Thought about mortality. Came back and had a really focused, positive conversation with my roommate about life and what I wanted from it.
Yoga Vid #2: Not only felt way more mentally at-peace with myself, but was also much better company to my boyfriend. Really appreciated the repetition of motion in this video, even though I was bored at first. Another "beautiful body" uplifter.
Yoga Class: Felt more excited and energized with my friends in the room; workout buddies help you focus! Enjoyed having a teacher there to look out for me and help keep my ego off the mat. Brain felt absolutely high afterward; body ready to go-go-go. Had more of an appetite, but snacked less afterward.

After the yoga class today my rockstar friends drove us to Greenlake, leaving bouldering for another day. The weather was too beautiful to stay indoors much longer, even for climbing. It would have done me good to walk around a bit more than I did, but it felt so nice just to spread out under the sun. My yoga high has lasted all day, and being in the company of some great old friends only added to the joy. For the first time in a while, I was happy to be exactly where I was at the moment. I didn't get nostalgic for what had passed, nor did I worry about what was to come. I felt closer to "living in the now" than I have for quite some time.

With a busy rehearsal schedule, it makes more sense for me to put off the SBP membership another week or so, but I'm excited to start! With a rock wall, free weights, and free boot camp / yoga classes, the fee pays itself off tenfold. I've never been so excited at the prospect of exercising before!

Happy March, everybody!

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