March A


Haven't done an original Inspirsession post in a while!

Here are my current fascinations....

I discovered this app via Facebook from a dear
friend of mine who I used to draw cartoons with.
I've created my whole family, several friends, and
even some TV characters. It's getting out of hand.
Here's me as a Roy Lichtenstein lady:

Katherine Heburn...and everything to do with her
Seriously, I wish I could just be this lady. I'm
putting my hair in pin curls tonight with the hopes
that I will somehow channel the panache captured
in this photograph. Beautiful, strong woman.

Downton Abbey Star Fashion Shoots
I didn't know it was possible to make the stars of Downton
look even more awesome. Some of these photos are so
gorgeous I feel I could study them for hours. True works
of art. The third one down is Jessica Brown Findlay!
Can you believe it??

Have mercy.

Microfiber Fleece Socks
I can't find an adequate image to represent
these right now, but I'm sure you know the 
kind I'm talking about... The plushy, soft-as-
a-cloud, typically granny-colored, fleecy kind
you see around Macy's and Costco during the
holidays. Mmmmmm... Thanks, Mama.

1930s Cocktails
I've already mentioned these, but my thrill has
only amplified since the journey to Tavern Law
for my b-day. These far surpass regular drinks!!

Baking Soda & Vinegar...in my hair!
The real Hippiehunny is finally showing her true
colors. This idea was recommended by my good
friend, Katie, who's always lead a healthy,
organic life. I've done it for 4 days now, and I'm
loving the simple, clean feeling!

The Best of Everything
Another recommendation from my good friend,
Hannah. Of course I've always loved reading
about the 50s, but this is the first that's also spoken
to me as a woman, a worker, and a 20-something.

I didn't think I'd like this show as much as I do -- I
go back and forth with disliking Lena Dunham's
characters -- but I finished the 2nd season this
weekend and I already miss it. So something's going
on here. It's most likely due to Shoshana. Seriously,
how hilarious is this woman?

That's all for now, folks! More soon.

Yours truly, 

Mr. Toad

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