Marching on Home to Stand on my Head

It's always nice to return home, especially when Seattle's being a beast of a city.

What was especially nice this trip was how well being home accommodated my yoga/exercise month. (Yes, weight-bearing turned into general exercise, because I still don't yet have a membership to SBP -- *soon,* though!) I was able to take two yoga classes at "The Buddhio" with my mama during my stay. The savasana paired with absolutely nothing to do was heaven after such a crazy week of up-down emotions and standard stresses.

And speaking of stress, I've finally unlocked the trick to enjoying running: get really really angry-envious-worried about something, then take it out on the pavement. I've never enjoyed a run more than the one I took under such conditions!!

Other things learned from the past two weeks:

1) I would really like to take up dance again. 
2) I really need to work on my ab strength; if not just to look good, then for the sake of my lower back.
3) Car rides with brothers vs. car rides by yourself: one reminds you you're a spastic driver and you family's the base of your sanity, the other reminds you you're really an okay driver and the secret is singing insanely.
4) Absence makes the heart grow fonder. More importantly, though, it makes the heart grow more appreciative...er.
5) Wherever you go, there you are, and you'll probably feel better being there if you exercise.

I kept wondering at various times what April would bring -- I had worried it was Minimalism month (every time I go home I find six more things to bring over here...), but I was excited to realize it's Cooking! Lord knows I'm going to have to carry on the yoga, the bouldering, and the running if I'm going to be cooking anything worth mentioning. For the time being, though, I have evenings free once more! It will be nice to have real meals again.

My mom and I decided this weekend that March is always a time of crappy, sloppy confusion and despair. Just as the end of winter brings brown, messy surroundings, so do our lives become a messy, brown puddle of disarray. Spring's around the bend now, though, and I have high hopes for this year. I have a rose to look after, an acting career to invigorate, and plenty to learn in all aspects of my life. Bring Spring, I say! I shall miss my sweaters and baked goods, but I'm looking forward to the next turn.

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