Spoken Words of Wisdom

When I was sixteen I went to dance camp in Walla Walla. I knew then that I didn't want to be a ballerina, but for a brief time it initiated a desire to pursue modern dance. This was all due to the incredible modern dance teacher I met at camp, who remains today one of the most brilliant souls I've ever had the fortune to meet. This teacher (as well as many of the other Walla Walla staff members) was the first to really show me what maintaining true passion for your art can offer. It was there I discovered hard practice and unconditional love for your work is the recipe for artistic success.

A few months ago I found a journal in my old bedroom, filled with quotes from that teacher. I want to share a few of my favorites here, if only for my personal preservation. I hope find one to enjoy yourself.

"Be square."

"Sometimes you're gonna jiggle. Let your mistakes happen."

"Every step is a choice."

"Follow your impulse -- you know what to do. Make that next shape... feel it."

"Fill the space. ENERGY!"

"Be real."

"Pain only gets worse once you give into it."

"Reach to eternity."

"The less you talk, the more you let me exercise the power to read your minds."

"Learn how to give your attention so when you want it from others it will come back to you."

"Be hippish, not feetish."

"It's like we're each in our own personal snow globes and we can shake ourselves and say 'Oh, that's interesting!'"

"Do what you think the combination is. Make your mistakes honest. Make them true."

"Sweep, turn, sweep, turn... and let the fabulous prima donnas fly right off the stage."

"This is our craft: shaping emotion. Turning what we feel into these shapes."

"You are your own dancer."

"Dare to be rare."

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