I'm gunna pop some tags...

Well, sorry kids, we're 1/3 of the way through May and I haven't posted a single update about thrifting! Let me assure you that last weekend I went to 3 shops in the University District and have already found my first treasure. As soon as I figure out a decent way to photograph myself, I'll get some outfit posts going for share-sies.

Here's my game plan:

-Goodwill, U-District
-Buffalo Exchange, U-District
-Red Light, U-District
-Crossroads, U-District
-Crossroads, Capitol Hill
-Pretty Parlor, Capitol Hill
-Value Village, Capitol Hill
-Lifelong Thrift, Capitol Hill
-Le Frock, Capitol Hill
-Red Light, Capitol Hill
-Goodwill, Central (Dearborn)
-Goodwill Outlet, Industrial Land

I also found this little gem:


"...says his top three Seattle thrift shops are:
1. The Goodwill bins at the Dearborn location
2. The Value Village on Capitol Hill
3. Red Light at Capitol Hill (not really a thrift store but hey, a cheap, vintage rose by any other name...)"

I can't argue with this:

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