May I?

It's MAY!!

I woke up this morning excited for a fresh start, but until 5 minutes ago I didn't remember it's THRIFT SHOPPING MONTH!!

I couldn't be more excited. First thing's first: I'm making a list of all the Seattle thrift/vintage stores to schedule time out to hit the best ones. I'll try to buy at least 4 great pieces and post my results!

Stay tuned for my mood meter month, which will have a month's worth of data this Saturday. Then I can create all sorts of line graphs to figure out just how manic I am.

I love being a nerd!

Happy May Day!!

P.S. Did I mention the ol' bf got me a mini rose for Valentine's Day? I've been taking care of that lately -- attempting to nurse it back to blossoming. So, April became something of a Gardening month, too. I learned about pruning, fertilizing, re-potting, and all the other tips and tricks to coercing my "Bud" back to life. Haven't tried singing to it yet... I don't want it to take over the city or something.

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