Minimalism Month: Week 1 & 2

Hi my name is Rachel and I take on too many projects.
Hi my name is LGPQ and there's no such thing as too many projects.

Now that I'm for sure going to be moving in less than two weeks,
it's time to get real ("GUT RHUAL!") about getting rid of stuff.
So, here's what I've done so far:

Thrown Out:
from the office...
1. Frosh Convocation invitation (why I have held onto this for 5 years, I have no idea...)
2. Golden Key Society invitation
3. several old letters & envelopes
4. all photos of family members I can't name and/or have never met (sorry...)
5. extra UTS postcards 
6. old resumes
7. script sides for parts I didn't get (just to prove I'm NOT in fact bitter)
8. extra sheet music
9. tags from clothes I can no longer return
10. old programs
11. two dried flowers
12. a mostly empty bottle of Purel
13. two out-of-ink sharpies
14. an unused bookmark
15. an empty Dickinson's witch hazel bottle I once thought I'd use for...?
16. expandable broken Office Depot pen (THANKS OFFICE DEPOT!)
17. old printer cartridges
18. keychain light
19. categorized receipts
20. a plastic holding case for something
21. the inside parts of a Whitman's sampler chocolate box (I use the box for my letters)

from the vanity/bathroom...
22. plastic rose plant holder
23. broken plastic soap carrier
24. plastic travel bottle
25. an absolutely ancient bath sponge
26. three bottles of nail polish
27. eyelash wand
28. Clinique lipstick in Golden Brandy
29. old makeup wedges
30. red lipliner
31. one arm of a sweater (was I going to use this for cleaning..?)
32. an almost-empty tube of Neosporin
33. a now empty bottle of mouthwash
34. one fancy lotion bottle
35. one hotel lotion
36. pills I don't understand (danger!)
37. a Cadbury cream egg gently flavored over the months by soap (which I didn't find out until I ate half of it...)
38. tester perfume
39. mostly-gone roll of scratchy toilet paper
40. a cheap necklace chain
41. large bag of jasmine tea 
42. bobby pins I hate:

1. Mini Tripod
2. iPod earbuds
3. small bag of marbles
4. some books
5. photo album
6. a Japanese fan

1. two mechanical pencils & two composition notebooks

1. Rebecca (Amazon)

1. Neon blue eyeliner (I've been denying how long I've had this for far too long... the bacteria possibilities are gargantuan.) 

Oddly enough, my room looks like this right now:

...and I've never been able to find things more easily. Puzzles.

I know you're just dying to see more photos of all my crap, but that's all for now.

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