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Hello, beautiful blog!

I'm sorry it's been such a sparse September. Can I redeem myself by professing I've been "harvesting ideas"..? There's something about the transition time of this month that is at once exciting and zapping -- I feel at once inspired and overwhelmed by all life is throwing at me right now.

Today it's raining like you wouldn't believe in Seattle, and for once in my life I'm full-heartedly enjoying it. I still don't understand the whole "lovely smell of rain" idea (it still smells 100% acrid to me...), but it's undeniably soothing to watch it pound down against the pavement while I type here at my desk.

So what have I been doing this past month? Lots of soul-searching. And lots of not-really-soul-searching-but-we'll-call-it-that-anyway -- In other words, lots of watching Mad Men episodes back to back until my eyeballs are batty. Srsly. I can't get enough of this show.

The fashion!

The plotlines!

The character development!


Watching this after Downton is like eating an all-American triple fudge brownie after the most divine French pastry. You simply can't compare the two; they are just perfect in their own right.

ALSO: Banana Republic has a Mad Men line. ! ! !
Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I heard something about this ages ago, but now it means SO MUCH MORE.

Seriously, guys, all my childhood dreams have come true here.

The striking thing is how our era's shapeless, skinny-ass models simply can't do these outfits justice. Not when they're up against the incredibly gorgeous array of curves gracing our Netflix screens -- yes, I am talking about Christina Hendricks.

Obligatory Joan-is-a-total-knockout photo.

When I haven't been eating up Mad Men episodes like a starved hyena, I've had the pleasure of hosting and paying visits to several acquaintances. I believe this is the only month to date I can say I've taken a minor road trip, seen both my parents and my boyfriend's parents (x2 for the latter), hosted a dinner party, attended a dinner party (x3), attended a bachelorette party and bridal shower, had two friends sleep on my futon, and had an impromptu cocktail party. !!! And that's beside the usual dinner/drink outings with friends and the ol' significant other.

So this introvert has had her fair spread of social time for a while.

Secondly, I got to take myself shopping. It was pouring down rain the entire day in downtown Seattle (as it has been for something like a week now), but I found myself relishing the wash as I made my way from shop to shop, completely on my own schedule. And surprisingly, I had quite a successful trip!

Unsurprisingly, I found myself drawn to an oddly familiar palette...

When will I figure out how to break away from neutrals?! I practically live in beige, gray, navy, and black. Can I claim sophistication here, or does it just mean I'm slowly rotting into a traditionalist? Eeps.

I attempted (and sort of half-succeeded at) handling my first photo set-up. I had done my hair up all Mad-Men-y and wanted something to show for it. However, I: a) don't have a camera remote b) am completely baffled by everything to do with light, c) have little to no idea how to ensure focus under these circumstances. So this is all I got:

I also apparently forgot about the "outfit" part of this post in the midst of the hair and camera madness. So if you're scandalized by the fact I'm in a slip (i.e. if you are my grandmother), I send you my sincere apologies.

Finally, I've been promising a big send-off to this year's explorations, which I'm already a month behind in doing. I want to do a big post detailing all the sweet stuff I learned, and though it looks like I won't actually finish that before October graces us, I still intend to do it (and then change the posting date so everyone thinks I'm totally on top of it anyway...)

Expect to see that coming soon!

Much love,

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