Decor Details

I found these photo leftovers in a folder for last month's blog posts -- oops! Thought I'd share some of my favorite decor ideas that resulted from August's Style Cure month. I hope they inspire you toward some fall decorating of your own!

My college roommate, K, and I found these coasters in the storage area of our first apartment. 
They bring back fond memories of our times there!

Had to reserve a separate shelf for these bad boys. Yes, there are two copies of Half Blood Prince.

Closer detail on one part of London series I unearthed at Salvation Army. So glad for this find!

Another one of J's fabulous paintings. I admired his so much, it inspired some art of my own...

After college, I went through my class notes and cut out all the doodles I'd made in the margins. 
Hopefully I did as much learning as I did weird drawings!

J took the liberty of putting this above the stove. Ironic, since he's the real cook around here!

A chocolate torte I made for a dinner get-together in September. Find the recipe here!

Earlier this month, I had the great honor of helping my friend create centerpiece bouquets for her wedding. 
It made me wish I was a florist! She graciously let me take this one (and the little pumpkins!) home.

Happy Decorating!

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