Happy Halloween, everyone!

I'm very pleased to report that I finally thought up a Halloween costume worthy of my days of yore.

I give you: Swankenstien!

Get it? I'm Frankenstein, but I'm swanky. I have glitter-laced scars and rouged skin over my green. My bolts sparkle. This is the best of both worlds, kids. A princess costume and a monster costume all in one.

Again, I have to apologize for the ABYSMAL photo quality here. Between the dim lighting in our apartment and using the self-timer, my minimal photography know-how is suffering. I'm learning!

Cannibal Jack is alight in our window, and safe as a kitten, thanks to a battery-powered tea light.

I learned something fascinating about jack-o-lanterns today, and it's made me extra certain to keep mine going through this wonderful eve... Apparently, as Irish legend has it, a soul called "Stingy Jack" was thrown out of both heaven and hell with just a turnip and a piece of coal to aid him on his search for home. He hollowed out the turnip, put the burning coal inside, and used it as a lantern to light his way through the dark night. The pumpkins of Halloween, our jack-o-lanterns as they're now termed, originally served to guide such lost souls, and the scary faces we carve on them frighten away those spirits will ill-intentions.

How cool is that?!

So guide a soul home tonight -- or perhaps just a trick-or-treater to your door!
Light your jack-o-lantern and have a safe, scary, happy Halloween!

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