Les Angles!

I'm all about geometry -- not the subject, the look! For someone as short and round-featured as I am, strong lines are a saving grace. They create instant sophistication, lengthen limbs, and lend an edge to prototypical feminine attire.

Les Angles

Here's what I'm going to call my Radio City outfit. If I were to live out my New York debutante holiday fantasy, I'd dress to the nines (and by the nines, I mean the nine hundreds -- this Roland Mouret dress is the equivalent of like a year's worth of food for me...) in something like the outfit above. That Olympia Le-Tan book clutch is also a pipe dream -- how can you justify a purse that costs as much as your rent?? -- but it's wonderfully nerdy. The Steve Madden Anibell pumps could actually be a reality if the re-stock gods are in my favor, and Betsey Johnson necklaces are on sale right now at Macy's!

Dreams aside, this outfit is easy to recreate on a more modest budget: seek out color blocking (especially with neutrals like camel, black, white, and gray) in bold lines that work to lengthen your shorter bits and accentuate your lovely bits. Spice up the look with bright lipstick and glitzy jewelry. Finally, instead of "pursing" yourself out of heart and home, carry a real book around. Educate first, decorate later.

Happy Holiday!

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