Yuppie Up

Every once in a while, my deep-seated 80s obsession bubbles shamelessly to the surface and rears its bedazzled head. I didn't intend for today to be one of those days, but on my journey to make this strapless sheath dress wearable for winter, I stumbled into a yuppie daydream.

I wore this lovely little dress to a wedding a few years ago. Can you guess what sold me? It was totally the pockets, yo! These Franco Sarto pumps, incidentally enough, were recently purchased for a different wedding, but the rest of this outfit is genuine yup-garb. I took the lace tights and brooch off my mom's hands some years ago, and there's photographic evidence that these suckers have been around longer than I have. The cream blouse was a favorite Value Village find -- judging by the tag, it's probably about as old.

Whether or not this outfit ever sees the light of day, it's always a joy to winterize a favorite summer dress! Vintage holiday party, anyone?

Dress: Teeze Me 
Blouse: thrifted 
Heels: Franco Sarto 
Tights: vintage 
Brooch: vintage 
Necklace: American Eagle