Platform Prancer

Every time I'm back home I swear I'll clean out my closet, and I'm rarely successful. I usually end up surrounded by piles of old clothes, delighting in the fact that they still fit me and feeling less willing than ever to give them up.

So this visit I avoided my closet entirely and went after my mom's.

I'm lucky to have a mother with a great sense of style. Though she tends to dress more boho than I do, we're often hankering after the same trends. When she found these totally amazing suede platform shoes a few years ago, it didn't take long for them to find their way onto my feet!

I've been obsessed with the platform/tights look since "The Boys Club" (Teen Vogue, Dec/Jan 2004.) Platforms (especially platform wedges) can seem over the top, but don't let their drama fool you: they're the best friend you'll ever find in a heel. These babies got me through a full day of Christmas shopping, and I'm no tough cookie when it comes to ambling around a mall.

Since the sequins make this pair somewhat glitzy for day wear, I built a base of earth tones and added some simple jewelry (Thanks again, Mom!) The black skirt / brown tights pairing isn't something I'd normally go for, but I think the bag works to pull everything together. The outfit ended up both artsy and professional -- the perfect blend for Mom & me!

Platforms: Rocketdog
Tights: Nordstrom  
Skirt: H&M
Cami: Grane 
Cardigan: h.i.p. 
Bag: Fossil
Cuff: unknown
Earrings: unknown

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