The Chelsea Comeback

How excited are you that Chelsea boots are back??! Probably not as excited as I am. To me, these boots have one master and one master only: The Beatles.

I think it's positively charming that the Chelsea has returned just in time to honor the 50th anniversary of this legendary band's American "conquering." What better way to pay tribute than tapping out "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" in the same shoes that started it all?

While the true Beatle boot design features zippered sides, the classic Chelsea's claim-to-fame is its expandable elastic siding. In years past, I've been skeptical of elastic on shoes. It reminds me of those ugly 90s Tom-like slip-ons that boys used to wear with sweatpants and rat-tails. It evokes the horror of not knowing what to do with shoelaces. No more, I thought. I'm proud to wear shoes that tie. The more complicated, the better.

That aside, the more time I spend slipping shoes on and off (in accordance with my household mission to vacuum as little as possible) the more I feel I need some of these majestic beauties in my life. Lucky for me, I'll have my pick of the litter; like the very band they stand for, these boots are here, there, and everywhere, and they just might conquer 2014.

Chelsea Love

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