A Wish Your Heart Makes



Last Sunday I was called out for a Cinderella party, and I found it very difficult to shed the costume afterward. There are some days you just feel like a princess, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Initially, I set up the camera to take hair reference shots, but then I found myself having way more fun than anticipated. I hope you enjoy the results!

Fashion cues we can all take from Cinderella:
   -The secret to a fabulous updo is volume, volume, volume.
   -A simple black choker can do wonders for your neck.
   -If your headband is missing, fashion one out of a necklace.
   -Never underestimate the instant class of elbow-length gloves.
   -Don't let mice sew for you. Get that shiz couture from your Fairy Godmother.

Have a beautiful day!

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