Spring Inspirsession

It's been a rather trying start-to-spring for me, so I'm treating March as a belated end-to-winter for the sake of positive perspective. As far as I'm concerned, spring began just a few days ago -- with a visit from the sunshine!!

Perhaps it's for this reason I've been feeling positively buoyant these past few weeks. Whatever the case, I finally feel like my energy and confidence is returning after a long game of hide-and-seek.

Professional-meets-Playful has been an ongoing trend in the spring fashions I've seen lately, and oddly enough that's exactly the quality I'd like to bring to my own life right now. Rather than meeting work with stress and seriousness, I'm trying to look at it like a game: one that's more about how you play than if you win.

Adventuresome, Quirky, Playful, and Flirty are my go-to words for these spring inspirsessions, and for the season as a whole. I'm ready for fun & games, short trips, and reunitings in beautiful weather.


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