Poker Face


Happy spring, everybody!

I didn't have a particular inspiration in mind when I shot this outfit, but as I was editing the photos I kept thinking of a deck of playing cards. The neutral dress and bare futon lent an achromatic backdrop to the black and red (AKA king & queen of all power colors.) My heart-shaped locket and deck-like clutch served to further this accidental theme.

In reality, I chose this dress in celebration of the changing weather -- it's finally warm enough to go sleeveless! Of course, rain is always on the horizon here, so I'm still arming myself with boots and tights underneath. (Speaking of boots, these Chelsea-style heels from Betsey Johnson have been the answer to all of my wardrobe problems. Easy to walk in, perfect height, go with everything -- I can't talk them up enough.)

The beautiful Kate Spade clutch was gifted to me last Christmas, and I only just allowed myself to take it out. It's my first ever designer purse, and I've been terrified it will get "stolen, scratched, breathed on wrong..." (to quote Cameron Frye.) Isn't it silly how we sometimes cherish nice things to the point we don't even get to enjoy them? In avoidance of that kind of thinking, I'm taking more of a Bueller approach to life this spring. Let the wild cards fall where they may!

Dress: Sans Souchi
Clutch: Kate Spade - "Wellesley Neda"
Boots: Betsey Johnson - "Natasha"
Tights: Hue
Necklace: unknown

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