Sprummer Inspirsession

I've been holding off on starting my summer inspirsession post, since it doesn't really feel like summer in Seattle until July. It's hard to get into the groove of cutoffs, crop tops, and bikinis when I still feel the need to don a jacket in the morning!

Still, it doesn't mean I'm not finding plenty of between-season inspiration. Here's a peep at what's been blowing my mind and bending my wardrobe lately.

I'm not quite sure what ties these pieces together... Obviously there's a lot of vintage (40s, 60s, 80s) influence going on, though most of the styles are startlingly in vogue right now. Recently I asked my boyfriend how he would describe my personal style and the answer he gave me was "offbeat business casual." So the above might be my take on that.

In other news: today is haircut day, and I'm a bit nervous! I always get somewhat panicky about trims -- even though I really can't remember any bad ones. If it manages turns out anything like these celeb 'dos below, I'll rest easy. I think mid-length hair is so sophisticated!


  1. Second photo down is my iPhone wallpaper! Taken by Stanley Kubrick, no less...

    1. I just love Kubrik's NYC shots. Also, I'm pretty sure my inspiration post for this month features a Twin Peaks photo which I'm sure you'll be able to recognize! ;)

      Check it out: http://inspirsession.blogspot.com/2014/07/july-inspirsession.html#.U7bmfaiLEzw