Throwback Thursday: The Long Summer

The first summer I really dug into my personal style was one of my hardest to date. It was in college, between a difficult breakup and a summer crush. It seemed to never stop raining. I was working half the day and in class the rest. I was feeling blue. Luckily I had my two best friends to keep me company, but with different study schedules, it was rare to see one another on weekday afternoons.

So I found other ways to entertain myself. I started putting together outfits for a "new me." A me who would return from my painful summer studies as a new woman. Maneater. Free Spirit. Feminist Fighting the Good Fight.

As those who know me are aware, this version of myself never quite came to fruition. But it was certainly fun to entertain the fantasy whilst hoveled away in my dorm room. Here's a peek at some of my (sometimes questionable) fashion experiments from that era.



  1. I love these. Especially that all-black ensemble you had goin'. :)

    1. Haha, that was definitely at the height of my Johnny Cash phase. I think I'm a little too bubbly to truly carry off the badass look.