July Inspirsession: Lady Power

Whether it's the renewed sense of self-confidence provided by my haircut or this past month's surge of female empowerment (#YesAllWomen), July has really got me feeling the "power woman" vibe.

I like my power women like I like my coffee -- decidedly strong, but in a warm, non-bitter way. To me, there is nothing more glamorous and sexy than a woman who does and wears as she pleases but maintains an air of mystery about it.*

F*#% you, D&G.

Advertising campaigns have destroyed this idea through overuse of the male gaze. As female models are presented in postures, clothing (or lack thereof), makeup, and hairstyles which suggests sexual submission, their secret is likewise forcibly surrendered. Worse, the secret is rewritten to give the impression that it exclusively concerns men (and pleasing them.)

The women in the inspiration photos below are not necessarily "natural" or modestly clad, but they each radiate a sense of personality beyond the hair/makeup/clothing they're modeling. They own their confidence. Most important, they're permitted their mystery.

*I'm still working on this myself.


source unknown








source unknown

In other news, Happy 4th of July! I will celebrating my personal independence by taking photos and eating pie.


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