Summer Playlist 2014

Summertime and summertunes... There's nothing like driving through town in your most excellent pair of shades with the likes of Genesis' "Invisible Touch" or Lily Allen's "LND" booming through your windows. Or jogging those last 50 feet uphill in the beating sun with only Waylon Jennings' steady, twanging beat to will you forward. Or relaxing with all limbs splayed out in front of a box fan, reflecting on how "Vienna" is really a perfect soundtrack for your mixed-up, ever-changing 20-something life. Maybe perfecting your Nowhere Boys (read: Lennon/McCartney) harmonies while darting indecisively around the stream of a cold shower.

These are the sounds of my summer. Soaring, feel-good, occasionally sweet tunes to burst into the sunshine with. What are yours?

Listen to my playlist on 8tracks.

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