Children of the Sun

Sunset photos are always so gorgeous to behold it kind of makes my heart ache.

Katie and I ran outside to snap these shots right as the final rays broke across the beach. It looked like the whole horizon was on fire. We were in the middle of an active game of charades (hence the loungewear), so I guess we were still channeling some high energy from that. Nevertheless, it's pretty clear who the real child is in this situation; Katie manages to maintain her standard air of grace and elegance while I'm stampeding around like a baby gazelle who's just discovered its hind legs. They say the sun brings out the best in you!*

I hadn't intended to color-coordinate, but I think my "outfit" accurately parallels the light & shadow play going on here. Only recently did I introduce this sunflower-colored tank into my wardrobe, yet it's proven to be one of my favorite summer capsule pieces. If you're wary of yellow shades, gold is a great place to start! A muted shade will practically function as a neutral (like brown), and it can be dressed up with just about any kind of metal jewelry.

More beach photos from the Oregon Road Trip to come later this week!

Tank: H&M 
Yoga Pants: Active Basic
Hoodie: Victoria's Secret

*They don't say that. I just made it up.