Girl Sailor

 // You are not some saint who's above
Giving someone a stroll through the flowers
You've got so much more to dream of // 
-The Shins

A couple of weeks ago I was afforded the fabulous opportunity to shoot photos with the well-dressed lady you see above. Evelyn is easily one of the most talented filmmakers I've had the pleasure of working with, and there's no doubt in my mind she's destined for great things. We haven't collaborated in a while, so I was very excited to reconnect for this outfit shoot. Not only did she share some super helpful Photoshop tips with me, she also agreed to step out from behind the camera so I could feature her here on Inspirsession.

One thing I’ve always dug about Evelyn’s style is her ability to make even the most simple basics look unexpectedly glamorous. Her clothes are ever functional, but they still project a stylishness that is all her own. In the outfit above, details like a classic belt, unique rings, and peekaboo socks bring that air of chic to an otherwise simple look. And how great is her crown necklace?? I wish I’d gotten a more detailed shot of that beauty...

Evelyn's pairings also strike a perfect compromise between summer and fall. The warmer season's casual denim, neutrals, and muted tones mix surprisingly well with the more autumnal long sleeves, boots, and warm socks. Its overall effect is a light coziness -- ideal for the transition weather soon to grace the Pacific Northwest. I could see wearing something like this to an end-of-summer BBQ or on an evening sailboat ride. 

Stay tuned for Evelyn’s own photos and more summer-fall transition ideas in the coming week!

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