Dryad Daydream

 //...she hath a smile of light
and an eye of hazel bright
beaming love and pleasure //
-Charles Mackay 

Something about the waterside havens along Lake Washington Boulevard feel like a magical forest to me. When I was in fourth grade, I remember starting a story that was equal parts Alice in Wonderland and The Magician's Nephew, with maybe a dash of Tuck Everlasting thrown in. It was about a girl who found a trap door in the middle of her backyard, which lead to a magical garden. When I saw the photos Evelyn took of me, it was like being transported into my own nine-year-old fantasy.

Every once in a while, I come across an article of clothing on a clearance rack which is so forlorn and so unique, I feel a sudden need to adopt it. Though I know full well it isn't the only one of its kind, something about this light-knit sweater hanging alone in all its crochet glory got the maternal juices flowing, and I've been babying it ever since. And boy does it need to be babied! With its light weave and soft threading, it's got a one-way ticket for Snagsville. She's high-maintenance, but I love her.

The same goes for these shorts: light-colored bottoms require constant vigilance to keep them looking clean throughout their wearing. I finally chose to invest in this pair because I loved how their lack of color became a statement when paired against deeper tones. While pure white doesn't suit everybody (I recommend looking at the variety of creams and off-whites out there, to find your ideal match*), using it as an accent piece, particularly away from the face, can be less overwhelming to a pale complexion. 

Next: more boots with shorts. We seem to have crafted an unintentional theme here. For me, a pair of knee boots work to provide extra coverage below bottoms as short as these. This is great practice for dressier occasions as well: focus on flashing skin in only one area: cleavage, arms/shoulders, legs, or back. Obviously you can be more liberal in evening situations, but this is a good rule of thumb if you're ever looking for the line between trashy and sexy.

How much do you love Evelyn's photography? Every ounce of beauty here is all thanks to her lighting, framing, and careful eye. You can see more of her work here.

   *I've also heard that your personal best "white" shade will match the "whites" of your eyes! Food for thought.

Sweater: Bobeau
Camisole: Forever 21
Shorts: Gap
Boots: thrifted  
Necklace: Portobello Road, London

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  1. What a charming look! The boots and shorts are very complimentary.