Oregon Road Trip: Katie-Style

A little over three years ago, I took a very memorable road trip with two of my dearest college friends along the coast of Oregon.

Today, one of those friends joins me -- both in person and here on the blog! -- to commemorate that adventure in a reunion journey. This weekend Katie & I are southward-bound for a gigglish girltime getaway, and I can't wait to hit the road!

Katie is a spectacular writer & self-made graphic designer, and I'm constantly in envy of her incredible eye for detail. This lady has always had a knack for arranging things "just so" -- and, as you can gather from the pictures below, this talent certainly extends to her wardrobe. When she shared these outfit arrangements with me, I couldn't wait to feature them here on the blog. It's a great example of how to find inspiration in everything, then make it your own.

Check out Katie's wardrobe plans for our cross-state adventure, and vote for your favorite outfit in the comments! Personally, I'm excited to see whither these midnight wanderings of hers may tend...

Check out more of Katie's creations: www.cocoaandcayenne.wordpress.com

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