F2014 14: Equestrian Cool

F14 - 14 (Equestrian Cool)

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Back in November, when Annex Theater's Horse Girls was in full-swing, I was really feeling the equestrian style. Although it’s been nearly a month since the show’s closing, I’m still running with the vibe. There’s something so effortlessly chic about this look – and yet, when you think about it, it’s really only (fancy) sportswear!

This is a simple one to create. If you’re living in this decade, chances are you’ve probably already paired a blazer with skinny jeans before. You may even have made the tremendous discovery that knee boots pair incredibly well with these two items. (You Fashion Einstein, you!) All that’s left is to raise the neckline. Try a turtleneck, scarf, or high-collared blouse in a contrasting shade to your blazer. It will emphasize the tailored lines of the coat and ensure your shape isn’t lost in the mix!

Boots will, of course, finish off the outfit. And don’t forget your favorite bag! The representation you see above is Burberry, which means its costs your entire paycheck. In reality, I found my roomy, rectangular beauty for $1.00 (ONE DOLLAR!!) at a community rummage sale. In two years of everyday use, it hasn’t failed me once.
Be yourself and ride on.

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