F2014 16: Cubicle Christmas

F14 - 18 (Cubicle Christmas)

If you work any sort of office job, this is probably the time of year when you start to go a little stir-crazy. Half the world is on holiday*, meaning one of two things:

-No one requires your services; you have next to no client-related responsibilities, and the work hours craaaaawwwwl by.
-EVERYONE requires your services; the phone rings off the hook all day, and you're ready for happy hour long before it's 5:00 anywhere.

The best you can do in either scenario is act like Don Draper and work it out with style. I suggest a well-structured blazer and trim, tailored pants. You'll want a comfortable undershirt, whether you're slumping or sweating, so nix the blouse today and opt for something simple. For a bit of festivity, add some plaid, or swipe on a coat of metallic nail polish. Or better yet, do both. You're going to need something to make merry about.

Eggnog, anyone?

*This being the lucky half whose holiday vacation starts the weekend before Christmas and somehow(how? HOW?!) extends through New Year's Day.

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