F2014 17: Fair Isle Ski Style

F14 - 20 (Fair Isle Ski Style)

Inspiration Image Source

Search "vintage fair isle ads" and pretty much everyone looks happy. Except this lady here. Maybe it's the goggles.

I'm here in snow-covered central Oregon looking out on a truly beautiful cover of white stuff. It's wonderful to be in a place where wearing northern knits actually makes sense. Cable knit sweaters, thermals, and wool headbands are cute fashion accessories in Seattle, but they're actually essential here. It reminds me of winters growing up, and as a Februbaby, I'm very much in my element!

As usual, I pulled from my capsule for this one; you'll notice it's still part of my fall wardrobe, because I'm still finalizing my choices for winter. With all the carry-over that seems to be happening, though, this outfit will likely still be an option next season. (Yay!)

Stay tuned for the W2015 reveal -- coming soon!

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