W2014 3: Sunset Soft

W2015 3: Sunset Soft

Please don't spoil my day,
I'm miles away, 
and after all,
I'm only sleeping.
-The Beatles

When I wake up on a Monday (or Tuesday, as it is today) I have two main thoughts: 

1) This bed is warm and cozy and I refuse to get out of it.
2) Is the sun up yet?

Tragically, if the sun isn't up, usually I'll roll over with a smirk, tuck the covers under my chin and doze away the final blessed minutes of life before work. What I ought to do is put on my shoes, take a walk, and watch the sunrise. It's something I haven't experienced much since the winter months of high school -- the days when my bus would arrive just as the light crested the horizon.

I do try to make time for sunsets, however, and if I had a better window for it, I'd probably watch them every evening. Something about the routine of the warmth fading from the earth and the colors splashing across the sky and the sun sinking slowly away is bittersweet and beautiful to me. It always reminds me how quickly life moves.

For the sunrises I've missed, for the bed covers I'll miss once I'm out from under them, and for those reminiscent sunsets, I've collected the coziest things in my wardrobe: broken-in jeans, a waffle-knit shirt, soft leather Danskos, and thick wool socks.

It's a security blanket of an outfit, this one.

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