W2015 2: A Bold, Gold Scarf

W2015 2: A Bold, Gold Scarf

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The ultra-long scarf in this inspiration photo is really a much better representation of the one I own than that in the outfit collage. Like mine, it has a loose knit, wide spread, and no fringe. Still, both shades of gold pair wonderfully with neutrals, as you see here.

Scarves are a great resource for introducing color to your wardrobe. If you're a capsuler who's stuck in neutral land, go out on a limb and buy one in a tone or pattern you're interested in, but not quite sure about. It's fairly easy to tell if something isn't working for you when it's that close to your face, and your budget won't suffer much for the risk. Just avoid buying anything brand-label or cashmere until you've settled on a winner.

My favorite places to scarf-shop are affordable retailers with great variety like Forever 21 and H&M, market stands, and (most recently) thrift stores! While capsule shopping in December, I popped into Value Village and happened across a brown striped cashmere and a fringed houndstooth for under $10. The secret, it seems, is to shop in the men's section. It seems to be less picked-over, and scarves are unisex, after all.

For minimalists, I'd suggest having one cozy knit scarf in a color that complements your winter coat, one bright scarf in a cotton or silky fabric, and another medium-weight patterned scarf in neutral tones. These will get you through the seasons and keep your outfits interesting!

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