W2015 4: Sleet Sleek

W2015 4 - Sleet Sleek

Inspiration Image Source

It's a sad truth that the representation I picked out for my light gray cowl-neck sweater totally reminds me of slush. Bona fide, street-dirt-infused, snow melt slush. Not exactly the most inspiring of concepts. I guess there's something to be said for finding beauty in the mundane, though, because there's no denying the tremendous pairing of silver and black (or slush and asphalt!)

I'm seeing more and more pairings of midi-length skirts with heeled booties, and I particularly love how the inspiration source worked this look. My own pencil skirt is more of a mini length, but with the simple addition of black tights the pairing works to make it more practical for cold weather -- and an office environment.

The question I faced was: to tuck or not to tuck? The sweaters pictured above are cropped quite short, and look fine great over the skirt's high waist. My own sweater, I was dismayed to find, fell just over my pencil skirt's waistband (or I was just short enough to make it do so.) For this reason, I chose to tuck in the bottom of the sweater, creating more of a natural waist. The cowl neck served to lengthen things out, but it's probably not a look I'll be returning to very often.

Still worth featuring for the taller ladies out there! Happy Thursday!

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