W2015 6: A Patterned Scarf and A Question

W2015 6: City Chic
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Pretty straightforward outfit, this one. Perfect for a pretty straightforward Thursday. 

I'm having a (surprisingly) fun time working with shades of black, white, and gray this winter. Usually I'm longing for color by this time. Not this year. I guess I've finally grown into the Seattle grays!

Will someone riddle me this: What's with all the models sporting these winter outfits with ankle skin showing? It's not a modesty concern, it's a HOLY-JEBEEZUS-HOW-DO-YOUR-FEET-NOT-FREEZE-IN-THIS-SCENARIO??? thing. But seriously, are my ankles just inferior? Was I not endowed with the superhuman warmness that protects these leg-bearing ladies? If I were this model, I would be wrapping that scarf around shoes where it could actually do some good.

Anyway, happy Thursday everyone.


  1. It's funny you should mention only wanting to buy things in black, white, and grey because I have been noticing this in my shopping patterns as well. The only things that ever catch my eye tend to be black or grey! I'm not sure why this change has occurred and I worry about developing a wardrobe that's super bland, but at least black and grey will always look chic! -- Hannah

    1. I've had the same concern! There definitely seems to be a trend this season -- and in the past few years -- toward monochrome looks, so maybe it's just power of persuasion...? I've always been a fan of black on it's own, but pure black and white tend to wash me out, so I'm starting to use gray as a happy medium!

      Thanks for commenting -- xoxo, R