Spring Playlist 2015

I said I was taking a break from Inspirsession during my travels through Europe, but as I'm still hoovering up inspiration everywhere, it's hard to resist the occasional update. At the very least, I couldn't resist cataloging a spring playlist for this year.

The majority of these selections are tunes that kept popping into my head during my work in the Irish countryside. When you're whitewashing walls and whacking weeds, some good music can really keep you going -- even if it's only in your head!

A few track notes:

Bob Dylan is admittedly an artist I've spent a lot of years ignoring. This had much to do with the fact he practically "belonged" to a select group of students in my high school who I didn't always see eye to eye with. As I've grown up, I've realized that the prejudices I formed about those people weren't really accurate -- and neither was my distaste for Dylan. So I guess I'm making up for that now.

Ireland has clearly made a place for itself in my brain with the obvious choices of An Dochas (Spokane! Whoo!) and Mark Knopfler's fabulous instrumental "Going Home" (check out the bagpipe version of this song as well -- pretty good stuff.) I've also become quite fond of their local John Creedon Radio Show, on which I heard the brand new track "Starling" and discovered the absurd "634-5789" in the space of one afternoon. Fabulous.

Cat Stevens. I have taken to binge-watching his live performances on YouTube as of late, and I can't get enough of them. Especially the fabulous head movement going on in this one. We can't all be Cat Stevens, but we can certainly strive for peace and follow our moonshadows and listen to the winds of our souls.

You can give the full playlist a listen here.

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