Summer Playlist 2016

Hello! And apologies for going MIA for more than a month here. Between several out-of-town guests, overdue catch-ups with local friends, and planning a few summer getaways of my own, I've been, well, too social to look after my social media! But that's really the circumstance we're all striving for here, right?

At long last, I finally sat down to research some new tunes, and once again Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists did not let me down. Tucked between a smattering of new-to-me songs by familiar favorites, Scavenger Hunt and Lady Lamb are among these newer intrigues. And although I've featured them before, I had to toss in some extra selections from each of Wet, B├śRNS, and the bird and the bee, since I can't seem to get enough of them.

That said, my fascination with these tracks simply pales in comparison to Andy Hull & Robert McDowell's breathtaking tracks from Swiss Army Man (which itself was equivalently life-changing, by the way -- GO SEE IT. NOW.) The entire soundtrack, which features Paul Dano & Daniel Radcliffe throughout, has had a Hamilton-esque effect on my commuting soundtrack preferences; somehow whenever it's over I just want to listen to it again -- and about twenty more times after that. I hope you find a similar sense of joy in these selections, which in essence form the framework of the playlist itself.

Something about the euphoric energy of "Montage" reminded me of MIKA's 2007 joy-ballad "Grace Kelly," so that explains his somewhat random presence here. It also doesn't hurt that I've recently gone head-over-heels for The Good Wife, which features one of his older songs in an immensely satisfying way. It was fun digging through his Spotify archives and seeing what he's been up to since then -- after all, the last time he featured heavily in my life, he was blaring through parents' minivan speakers on the way to musical rehearsal.

My god, that was almost a decade ago. What?!

Happy Summer, everyone!

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